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Old South

Old South Tomolives Brand Pickled Green Tomatoes - 8 fl oz

Old South Tomolives Brand Pickled Green Tomatoes - 8 fl oz

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Old South Tomolives has been a classic garnish since 1947. No, it is not olive, but a unique pickled tomato grown from Old South's exclusive seeds. Hand-picked, cured, and finished in small batches, Tomolives® makes the "Ultimate" martini garnish and will liven any relish tray.

  • Pickled green tomatoes with a unique flavor.
  • Highly recommended for Bloody Marys and relish trays.
  • Gluten-free
  • 8 fl oz

Best By: August 11, 2025

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Tomolives are an interesting twist on the condiments one can add to a martini - a tomolive, actual olive and cocktail onion makes a nice combination.

I've had this brand as well as Haddon House (now UNFI?). As far as I can tell they are pretty much the same. Unfortunately I very rarely find in grocery stores these days and they are rather expense to buy online when you factor in shipping costs. Even sites that don't charge for shipping seem to hike the price to cover the costs.

But I was happy to find them at Gourmet Passions and the shipped them quickly. I just have to consider them a delicacy and not eat them all at once -- or even all at twice.


Had these for the first time in a Martini (grudgingly) and they are a fabulous upgrade from boring old olives...sold out glad you had them!

Gayle A. Taliaferro

Have not used yet!!!

Donna Janke

Fun alternative to the normal beverage condiments!

Scott Mallan

Love these!