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Old South

Old South Tomolives Brand Pickled Green Tomatoes - 16 oz

Old South Tomolives Brand Pickled Green Tomatoes - 16 oz

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Tomolives: The Quintessential Martini Garnish & Tantalizing Pickled Treat - 16oz Jar

Discover Old South Tomolives® in a convenient 16oz jar - the epitome of sophistication, flavor, and quality to enrich your favorite cocktails and dishes. These exceptional pickled green tomatoes have been a classic garnish since 1947, revolutionizing martinis and relish trays with their unrivaled taste and allure.

Cultivated from Old South's proprietary seeds, these hand-selected tomatoes undergo a meticulous curing process and are finished in small batches to maintain their signature taste and consistency. Tomolives® are not just any olives, but rather an extraordinary pickled indulgence that is destined to be your preferred garnish for martinis, Bloody Marys, and beyond.

Our 16 fl oz. jar contains a generous helping of gluten-free and kosher Tomolives® - the perfect accompaniment to your next intimate gathering, dinner party, or cozy night in. Their zesty, tangy flavor is a delightful revelation for your palate and is sure to invigorate any relish tray or appetizer spread.

Indulge in the rich heritage and savor the delectable taste of Old South Tomolives® from Gourmet Passions - a decision your taste buds will appreciate. Add a 16oz jar to your cart today and let the refined flavor of Tomolives® elevate your culinary masterpieces!

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