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Kick Start Bloody Mary Mix - 32 fl oz (1 Quart)

Kick Start Bloody Mary Mix - 32 fl oz (1 Quart)

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Kick Start Bloody Mary Mix is an original recipe of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, a splash of horseradish with top-shelf spices. Serve chilled, on the rocks, or with your favorite spirit, this mix is celebrating over 20 years in production with many repeat orders.  Also used in marinades, stews, and soups. Kick-Start is a great gift idea for your favorite bloody mary drinker or chef enthusiast.

  • 100% ready-to-pour mix.
  • 32 oz.
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Excellent for cooking, too!!
A product of  S.P. Grip Products, Bridgeview, IL.
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