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Collins Peach Bellini Cocktail Mix - 32 fl oz

Collins Peach Bellini Cocktail Mix - 32 fl oz

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YOU DESERVE TO RELAX WITH THE PERFECT CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL - Peach bellinis are a fruity spin on the Italian classic. The aromatic sweetness of peach melds with sparkling wine for the perfect brunch cocktail! Collins Peach Bellini mix makes it a breeze.

MADE WITH REAL PEACH, LIME JUICE, AND REAL SUGAR - We blended peach puree with a hint of zesty lime juice and real sugar to make a cocktail mix that pairs perfectly with sparkling wine for a refreshing cocktail sip after sip.

JUST ADD CHAMPAGNE TO CREATE THE PERFECT PEACH BELLINI - It's that easy with Collins Peach Bellini mix! If you want a sweeter bellini, use the traditional prosecco. Or opt for a dryer, crisp drink with brut or dry champagne and sparkling wine.

GREAT FOR PARTIES! EASILY MIX BATCH COCKTAILS AND PITCHERS - Collins cocktail mix is a great way to serve batches of your favorite cocktails. No cocktail recipe books are required--just follow the instructions on each bottle of a cocktail mixer.

CRAFT COCKTAILS, NO CRAFTING REQUIRED - Collins supplies cocktail drinkers with quality staples for their home bar. Formulated with professional bartenders, Collins mixers are made with real juice and real sugar. Enjoy a quality drink at home!

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